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The Kodel Group (TKG) is an indie publisher who can get your book published as expressed throughout this website. We promote our publishing list but primarily, it is your responsibility & expense to pursue avenues of marketing and social media exposure.

We can certainly help with micro-targeting to find your readership because we rather enjoy it, 
but you will have to bear the full expense. Most authors are simply unprepared for this.
Most think just because they've written a book people can find it. That's just not the case. You have to help them find it. And that takes money. You can begin with a shoestring budget.

Regardless how much your advertising budget is, it in no way, repeat, no way guarantees success.

We prepare 2-3 manuscripts per year for publication which conform to industry standards. 

We reformat and reconfigure our printed books into eBooks and audiobooks at our discretion or when practical and applicable. 

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The Kodel Group, LLC is a licensed-registered publisher & literary agency, recognized by the Library of Congress.