Here is a sampling of Stevie Gift Baskets

all made possible with your generous donations.

Meet the Author, (if you dare...)

Steve William Laible, MBA

Captain, USAF (Retired)‚Äč

Anticipated Release Date: 2019

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Your cash donation makes it possible for Stevie to send your goodwill to some of the bravest, incredibly nice and yes, sometimes, even the forgotten children this country has.

Please use our Contact Form if you have a specific hospital, organization, book title or child in mind. Otherwise, a gift basket will be created on your behalf. You may include a special comment or remain anonymous.

Our current publishing list includes 32 titles. Stevie creates and assembles gift baskets which are age appropriate. Your donation is applied at the publisher's wholesale pricing which means a donation of $10 can purchase 5 coloring books. 

To date, we've mailed over 3,000 children's books and Stevie dolls throughout the nation, primarily to children's hospitals. 

Below is a sampling of our current publishing list,

published in-house by the Kodel Group, LLC.

If you'd like to make a purchase,

please use the Amazon link and search the book title you want,

Steve William Laible or the Kodel Group on 

Books category. Amazon can fulfill your order in two days!

Orders above $35 are shipped free, as is their policy.  

We do not fulfill orders on this website

outside of our Inspiring Young Hearts pledge program

with the lone exception of those wanting a personalized,

autographed copy of a book(s) in the Stevie Tenderheart series.

In this case, please use the Contact Form

for your specific instructions, age of child, birth date, names and nicknames (including yours if you want the book to mention Nana for example).

You can also ask that a little message be included 

e.g., (Don't forget to be kind all day, every day, or eat your veggies, or anything that is unique to your recipient.) The author will take note of your instructions.

Personalizing Stevie books is a real joy for the author.

Please include your email, telephone and mailing address for the Stevie books you order. All personalized/autographed Stevie books are $15 which includes shipping. Please pay using 

Bright Smiles, Happy Hearts, Always.

Anticipated Release Date: 2019

Preserving your legacy.

Together, with a little grace, we can make this world a better, kinder, safer place.