Preserving your legacy.


Dear Author,                                                                                        

The universal desire to be heard inspires us to bring your stories, poetry, opinions, experiences and imagination to light. The power to influence, entertain, move or otherwise inspire is a fascinating experience. 

As publisher, we make your work available in approximately 110 countries in three formats: Print, eBooks & AudioBooks earning you royalties in Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Francs, Yen, Rupees, etc., from Italy to Australia, Mexico to Great Britain, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Spain, France, Germany, and Northern Ireland via the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Amazon Global, as well as tens of thousands of libraries, bookstores & retail locations around the world.  This is what we do. This is our passion—our labor of love—but this is your legacy. 

Mainstream publishing paradigms are no longer standing in your way. Social networking has enlivened the process by engaging the one-click world. Your tipping point can come as early as overnight. This is the powerful new normal.

We can help you be heard. If you’re not an accomplished wordsmith, we can assign a ghostwriter, or help with your nom de plume (pen name) like we did for Samuel Langhorne Clemens. So you just might want to begin thinking of a really cool name to go by. Besides, isn't that half the fun? Writing anonymously is extremely liberating. It frees you to dig deeper and reach levels you can't even imagine by removing all inhibitions and fear of judgments.

Authors work hard on their stories, sometimes for years. All we do is put a bow on it. So dust off those manuscripts; unleash your inner voice; gather your heirloom recipes; reach back into your lineage; compile your limericks; express your ideas for an enlightened, better world—a better self; write that children’s book; romance that novel; dictate your war stories & get them to us. Do whatever it takes to be heard. Let nothing dissuade you from telling your stories or carving out your own slice of the royalty pie. When you’re ready to add “Published Author” to your name, we will help preserve your legacy…

The End

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Jr.


Steve William Laible, MBA